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Monday 18 June 2007

You might make an opinion that Moscow consisted of endless greenary, parks, ponds and so on. Well, this would be a mistake to think so. It's just that I take photos of what I like the best, and I like trees and flowers much better than boring buildings, overcrowded roads and tired people faces.
But to give you an idea of 'another Moscow' I decided to show this photo of so called Third Transport Ring. Moscow roads have radial&circular structure which means there are: 1) center from where all main streets begin, 2) road rings connecting radial ones. Nowadays Moscow had 3 most important ring roads, which are Sadovoe (Garden Ring), MKAD (Moscow Circular Automobile Road) and TTK (Third Transport Ring). The latter one is the latest build, located between the other two and is a significant help to Moscow drivers. Area withing Sadovoe is considered as a city center while MKAD actually marks city border.
The photo was taken at Begovaya St., which is the part of TTK. The traffic is not very bad since it's evening hour on weekend, but this road is heavily loaded during business days. The spire on the background is Ostankino TV tower.


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