Saturday, 28 April 2007

Black Saturday

In USSR there was a 'custom' to work for free few days a year. As a rule, these non-paid's were Saturdays before most important Soviet holidays, such as Revolution Day. People nicknamed them 'Black Saturdays'.
Nowadays government doesn't make individuals work on a 'volunteer basis' but once in a while we come to our offices on weekends. This occurs when public holiday happens to be on Thursday or Tuesday. In that case a business day between weekend and holiday is beeing 'transfered' to Saturday or Sunday, so that people get 3 (or more) free days in a row. For some reason we keep calling them Black Saturdays (or Sundays).

Today is one of the case because May, 1st is a public holiday in Russia. I'm at work right now but you enjoy your weekend!

Update: this tree in the picture is some kind of maple or ash, I guess.


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