Saturday, 26 May 2007

Country in bloom

One more photo of 'bloom&blossom' serias, this time it's from country. And a few words I would like to tell you about living in country area. A significant part of Russians still live in small private houses, which are single-stored and surrounded by little backyard. Most villagers still do not have either water-supply or sewerage in their houses, and indoor bathrooms are extremely rare. Backyards are used for kitchen-gardens and orchards, which provide considerable addition to food allowance but also involve enourmous toil. I'm way too accustomed to the comfort of city life to live in a country-house, but many people wouldn't change their 'estates' and private kitchen-gardens for the questionable 'all-inclusive' apartment in ant-hill of the town.

Julia asked me whether Russian (or, rather, cyrillic) script can be used in this blog. Yes, it can. The question is whether your computer would be able to recognise it. For example, mine doesn't support Spanish script and some other kinds of specific fonts.


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