Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Victory Day

Unlike the rest of the world, Rissia celebrates Victory Day on May, 9th. Today photo shows the main memorial of the country - Eternal Light in Alexandrovsky Garden, by Kremlin wall. Hundreds of flowers will be brought here today as well as to other memorials all over the country. Those of veterans who's still able to do it will go out to meet their buddies, fewer and fewer of them every year.
As for me, I will visit my grandparents: grandpa who went to the front in first days of war, survived its horror and came back alive, and grandma who miraculously escaped from advancing Hitler's army and saved her only child. I will bring them flowers and thank for everything they've done for forthcoming generations.
And to those who sacrificed their lives fighting for their families, to those who fell far away from battlefield - an imperishable memory. Lest we ever forget them.


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