Sunday, 16 September 2007

While my umbrella dries out in the warm safety of the room, I'll answer your comments regarding my way to work and back. It's rather long daily journey but some people who live in suburbs have worse. It would be great to get paid for the time one spends on his way to work but there is no such thing in Russia yet. If you don't like your commute you have a choice: change either job or home so get them closer to each other. In my case I like my work too much to leave it and I don't have an opportunity to get another home, so I have to deal with my 2-hours long trips. In fact, I do read a lot (provided I was lucky enough to have a seat). The worst part about these journeys is that I have to wait for a bus, sometimes up to 40 minuts, and the weather is not always fine. That is why I've got a considerable stockpile of warm clothes. It may sound terrible to you but I'm kind of used to those things.

As a reminder of better days, there are new posts on my Cyprus photos site.


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