Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Many of you sympathized with me about having winter settled over here, and Chuckeroon even told me a bloodcurdling story about freezing to window in the Russian railway car! Well, I have to reassure (or to disappoint?) you: it's not as bad as it seems :) First of all, the temperature slightly below 0 C is rather comfortable for a winter season (provided you wear warm cloths). Today the air is about -2C, it's lightly snowing and there is almost no wind - perfect weather for a little walk!
And as for Chuckeroon's story... Well, every kid in Russia knows that one shouldn't touch metallic things with bare skin during wintertime because you may stick to it. In the case you froze to something after all, you need to warm up that thing somehow: the easiest way is to use hot water, but your breath should also work.

So be safe and stay warm!


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