Thursday, 24 July 2008

Michael Lomonosov

This is the monument to Michael Lomonosov, a famous Russian scientist who lived in XVIIIth century. A son of penniless fisherman, at the age of 19 he walked from Arkhangelsk to Moscow (over 1200km!) to get education. In Moscow he pretended to be a nobleman and thus joined Slavic Greek Latin Academy where very soon he proved a brilliancy of his mind. Later Lomonosov continued learning natural science, literature, chemistry, physics, history and so on. He made a number of important discoveries and inventions, and his contribution into science and education can not be undervalued.

In 1755 great influence of Lomonosov helped to found Moscow University which was named after him later. In honour of its founder there is a monument in front of the oldest university building (that hosts Journalism Faculty nowadays).
More information on Michael Lomonosov can be found here.


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