Sunday, 21 September 2008


Once I promised to tell you more about VVC (former VDNH), and today I'll prove that I keep my word :)
As I already told you, VVC is an official abbreviation for All-Russia Exhibition Center. It was open in 1939 as agiricultural exhibition but later the complex was extended and in 1959 it was re-open by the name of Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy. After Soviet Union ceased to be, VVC was given its modern name. There are about 400 building, including over 80 pavilions, in its territory and great many of famous pieces of art as well as technical objects.

The picture presents a 'Friendship of Nations' fontain, built in 1954 as a symbol of Soviet Union: it contains 16 sculptures of girls, each representing one of the former Soviet Republics. It's been nearly 15 years since there is no more USSR but fontain is still there.

One the most famous pavilion is Space one (Cosmos in Russian). There are real rocket and aircrafts (I showed them earlier) which, no doubts, the most favourite show-pieces with public. Unfortunately, I've got bad news regarding them: the TU-154 plane was barbarously destroyed last weekend. Here is an article on a news site (it's in Russian but you can see the photos). Officials explained their action as 'the only possible way to get rid of potentially dangerous and unservicable artifact'. But why, in the first place, did they let it come to such non-repairable condition?! This question officials couldn't answer. And as for visitors, most of them remembering that aircraft these last 40 years (or since their childhood), they are left but with memories of a great museum-plane they loved so much.


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