Monday, 12 January 2009

The Old Man and the Gold Fish

Here is another 'fairytale fontain'.
There is a story about lonely old couple living by the sea. Once the old man went to catch some fish and after few fruitless efforts pulled out his net with a single fish - the Gold one. 'Ask for whatever you wish but let me go!' - cried the fish. 'I don't need anything,' replied the old man and threw the Gold fish back into the sea.
However, when he got home and told his wife about what had happened, she turned furious. 'We are so poor and still you asked for nothing! Why didn't you claim, at least, a new pan for me?! ' burst out the old woman. 'Go back to the Gold fish and ask for new things!' The old man was disappointed but went back to the seaside and called for the Gold fish. It appeared on the wave top, listen to his story and told him to return home.
When the old man came home he saw his wife with a new pan. 'Are you satisfied now' he asked. 'No, I'm not!' replied the old woman. 'Why didn't you ask for more? We need a new house and good food. Go back to the Gold fish!' So the old man went again, and told the Gold fish of his wife's wished, and once again the fish sent him back.
When the old man returned, he saw a new house and the old woman in new clothes. But she was angry again that the old man didn't ask for more. And he went again to the sea side. And then again. And again. But every time the old woman told it wasn't enough.
Finally, she expressed a wish to be a mistress of the sea and to have the Gold Fish in her service. When the old man told the fish about that, it didn't answer, turned away and was gone. On coming home the old man found his wife with her old pan, sitting in her old clothes by their old house.


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