Friday, 2 October 2009

Ostankino Tower

This is the famous TV Tower in Moscow. It was built in 1967 by lead-engineer Nikolay Nikitin. The construction of Ostankino Tower is unique for its basement is only 4.6 meters deep while the tower itself is 540 meters high which made it the highest building in the world for the next decade. Now Ostankino Tower holds the 4th place surpassed in height by CN Tower in Toronto, TV Tower in Guǎngzhōu and Burj Dubai, though two latest are not complete yet.
There is an observation deck in Ostankino tower at the height of 337 meters and a restaurant 'Seventh heaven' just below it (see the large 'knob' nearly on the top, where the antenne begin).
In August of 2000 there was a fire in the tower, serious damage was done and since then observation deck and the restaurant were closed. Renewed deck was open to public just a couple months back but restaurant is still under construction.


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