Saturday, 28 November 2009

Church of Merciful Saviour

They do it again. I mean churches, which suddenly appear when you do not expect. I was driving back home from my drawing class and saw these remains of the church. Church of Merciful Saviour, part of "Gladness of All Sorrowful" monastery on Novoslobodskaya street. 

I googled the building which I saw for the first time (thank you dear blog! I though that I knew my city very well. Now I foresee so many misteries ahead!).

It was constructed by the end of 19th century and was completely distroyed inside during the Soviet era. The building still belongs to state orgaisation which refuses to return it back to the church.

I put two photos of right and left sides of the building, sorry they are not perfect fit, but I quickly study Photoshop...


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