Saturday, 12 December 2009

History Everywhere

My lovely city again prepared a surprise for me. And for you. This is the remains of the church built in 1648. I also enclose the 1917 photo of the building in full glory (sorry, I found details, but only in Russian). It belonged to some factory (see it behind the church) and was distroyed in Soviet times, returned to the Russian church in 1996 and little by little comes to life again. They look special together, right?

As for the posting in our blog, first of all I want to thank you all so much for your support and reaction, and comments, and attention. Ashira and me, we decided to post one after another. She takes odd dates, I take even dates. I think it can make our blog more interesting for you (and for me!) to see the city from two different angles: the eye of the Russian, born here, and the eye of the American, new to the city. And once again, thanks to Irina-the founder for giving me the opportunity of this experience.


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