Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Theme Day: Waiting

Wow, it is my first time taking part in Theme Day. Nervous. In Russia we have proverb: Pervy blin komom (the first time prepared blini (pancake) is always spoiled. I did not change the rule:

First, it is my second post during the day, which is against the rules, but I follow the proverb! yesterday night I completely forgot, though Irina-the founder let me know beforehand.

Second, I saw a huge traffic jam in the morning - this is my theme! But when I was prepared, they started moving rather quickly...

Third, Pushkin Square - was my next idea. This in the place in the center of the city, Pushkin monument, where always the new lovers make a date starting point, so there are a lot of waiting in hope men and women there. Great idea? Yes. But how can I get there with my so busy day?? Hopeless, hopeless...

And then I met her. In the office where I had a meeting. I think this is the best waiting any woman can imagine. Enjoy!

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