Friday, 1 January 2010

1st January Theme Day: Change

Change. It happens every second, we change, our life changes, weather, mood, opinion. You can make photo of any object and you get it. Nothing keeps invariable. At least I do not mean money change :-)
I chose this kalanchoe, because it soon will change and present its wonderful flowers to us; because the weather changed at last and sun was shining at the future petals; and I swear this frog changed it pose since yesterday morning when I watered the plant :-)

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And I would like to join Ashira in her yesterday post and add my New Year Greetings to all our friends, readers and kind commentators. Good luck, health, joy, creativity and love to you all, let this year be easy and sunny for all of us. 
We DO celebrate New Year in Moscow. Following the Soviet tradition, New year celebrations are more popular and awaited then Christmas, which follows on 7th January. Average celebration starts at 11 p.m. when we sit at the table and remembering last year, greeting good and saying "Good-bye" to bad stuff happened. At midnight everybody drinks champagne welcoming young year. And the fun starts, finishing usually at 4-6a.m. The entertainment vary: sitting at the table with traditional "Olivier" salad and a lot of food and drinks, outdoors salutes, nightclubbing, visiting friends. The next day morning is lazy and slow...
This photo is collage of my small artificial pine-tree with light usage of Photoshop, which I study these days.


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