Monday, 4 January 2010

Underwater Celebration

I think that when the Gods made a decision which weather to provide in Moscow in winter, they were in not so good mood. And they decided : either warm or sunny. So now in January we have sunny days - when I quickly-quickly! run to the location, make a shot, run back to the warmth of my car, cafe, whatever:-))) or warm days with long walks looking for interesting shots, getting them and realising I would have to return to the place  in the summer and add color to this great location :-(
Well, who told me that life would be easy? - Nobody did :-))
This photo is the shot of Gorky park from the backside. Gorky park (named in Soviet times by Maxim Gorky, Soviet writer) is famous between mamas papas and their children by very many park amusements (not sure about the translation here, but you see the one on the other side of the river, we call it American mountains :-)) , river boat station, several beautiful pond, many cafes and walking places.
I think my luck was to shot this yellow balloon in the middle of the river. How did it get there? It is clear to me: they celebrated New year underwater and got careless, leaving the proof.


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