Monday, 22 February 2010

Moscow House of Music

Well, these days we have  such a weather... If you have any depressing thoughts, your depression will grow large like a flower. I see so many flowers like that at the macro photos of my friends living in more  fortunate weather conditions :-))
That is why I refuse to post my city photos deep in frost and snow. We have cultural life, yes we do. If we succeed to reach cultural places through the snow barricades.
Joe Bonamassa visited the city and played rock and blues during this weekend. That was good. Professional and strong. Joe, thank you very much.
He performed in Moscow House of Music (official website for Moscow located readers), the building constructed in 2002 and is great place to be in touch with classical, jazz, rock, world music. There is one of the best organs in Moscow behind this removable curtain.

The only thing I do not understand is why there is no place for standing audience. When I hear the first sounds of rock music, I need to get up and dance, move, swallow beer, well you know.
I am afraid that now Joe thinks of us as if Muscovites is polite, calm and cold audience. No, we are not at all :-)))


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