Monday, 8 February 2010

Prodexpo 2010 Exhibition

Each year in February we have the Foodexpo (Prodexpo) exhibition, huge show with the participants from all over the world. Today is the opening day and I could manage to make this photo before the visitors arrived. The exhibition is very popular, you can always try something new and tasty, drink some vine-vodka-beer-vine again-tea-coffee, try Latin America's meat, USA's chicken, Norwegian fish, Russian milk and sweets. Besides, you can try all food in one day, which is a real challenge for the body :-)) Sure you can find the business partners, but for non-business visitors the exhibition is a pure feast of food and drink.

In two-three hours these aisles will be full of people and the young girls will parade the lanes offering their companies' specials to the visitors passing by.


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