Sunday, 14 February 2010


I was desperately looking for a photo for today Valentine day and Chinese New Year day, but...
Which means my best wishes to all the ones who celebrate, but today I write about sundries :-).

Sundries - a new word for me. I mean small nonsense things that you buy to please yourselves or to make a small present to a friend. Hopefully, dictionary understood me right.
Yesterday I visited exhibition-sale named "Sundries", which resembled small flea market in one of the old brick buildings of the huge ex-factory (Luis, it is here :-).
There was a youth crowd - smiling, laughing, chatting, selling cheap nonsense to each other, hand-made bijoux (the price of the earrings is about 10USd) and clothes, a lot of home made cakes and drinks and joy of every minute of their communicating. The tradition of garage sales is new to Moscow, this one was a mix of garage sale and a youth's gathering.


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