Saturday, 20 March 2010

Wooden Moscow

This little wooden house was build in 1820-1825, as the part of the programme to reconstruct the city after Moscow  fire in 1812, the time of the war with Napoleon army.
The building was kept as it was without any renovation till our days. Now it is the architecture relics and is supervised by the state (at least the metal plate on the wall announces this supervision).
I found very few info about the building and it's history. It belonged to Konstantin Kritskoy, the nobleman . It is the only left part of the mansion, which consisted of huge garden and several other buildings.
It is waiting for the restoration and hopefully will have enough strength to live to see it.
It is located here_google map and I advice you to see it in person, the building is so charming and so unique. Who knows when it decides that it is enough?

Posted by Irina


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