Monday, 26 April 2010


Albert Einstein and Nils Bor in Moscow outdoor sculpture museum.
I am not sure if they preferred tobacco pipes. I am not sure if they smoked at all. I also not so sure if there was any small possibility that they met in Moscow and had a conversation sitting on a bench. Their knees are shining, meaning(?) they also liked when people sat in their lap posing for photos.
And they look so funny. The sculptor has a sense of humour for sure.

And in this moment I decided to make a search for the author who made me laugh.
There are two of them, actually. Lemport and Silis.

Modern Russian artists. Worked together for more then 50 years. Started in the mid of 20th century. I enclose few works more, please enjoy. The sites where I took the photos of the works are in Russian only :-(  


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