Monday, 12 April 2010

Tiles of Krutitsky Podvorie

Krutitskoe podvorie (Yard of Krutitsi).

This amazing complex of buildings is located in the city center, near the Moscow River and surprises by its silence and solemnity. There is no wedding processions, no groups of tourists, only a few believers going to the church.

The first information about Krutitsy as a monastery and a fortress to protect Russians against invasions of the Mongols is dated early 14 century. Podvorie as we see it today was rebuilt in 1680-ies. Surprisingly, that despite the trials that the Podvorie stood during these 350 years, it managed to maintain a unique style and appearance.
By the end of 18 century the rich and powerful monastery was deprived by Catherine the Great of all its possessions and was handed over to the military. Later gendarme corps and the political prison located in the Podvorie. During the USSR it was occupied by barracks of the Moscow military garrison.
Only in 90-ies of the 20th century complex of buildings was returned to the church.

Only when leaving the territory of the Podvorie I saw the info that visitors are allowed to make photos only after the permission of the clergy.... Well, lucky me.

 Tiles are about 350 years old.
Google map.
Info for the blog - the site of this Moscow district (in Russian).

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