Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dom Mosselproma

This "Dom Mosselproma" is one of the first after-revolution constructed multystoried buildings, in 1923. Mosselprom was state organisation aiming to supervise the processing of the agricultural products and the signes on the building were aiming to advertise the venture (Mosselprom, yeast, cigarettes, beer and drinks, cookies, candy, chocolate).
Now it is the monument to Russian architactural constructivism and avant-garde styles.
Actually, the construction was started before revolution, in 1912, but one year later the corner wall of 5 storey building collapsed. Unfinished building was given to Mosselprom in 1923, then it got its modern appearance.
I want to add to its special look the painting of the place by Soviet artist Varvara Stepanova (more paintings of Moscow attractions here).

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