Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Maroseyka. One of my favorite streets in Moscow. Usually it is very busy with traffic, but was strangely quite that day, so I made this photo.

At this photo the buildings are mostly mansions and apartment houses of 19th century.

And now some history info. The name of the street means Malaya Rossia, as the natives of the Ukraine (named Malaya Rossia (little Russia) before 1917 revolution) preferred to live in this region.

In 15-16 centuries the tzar gardens here were popular and tzar road attracted a lot of elite carriages on their way to other places. And the construction of the elite's apartments was in great demand.

Gradually the street became popular among foreigners, which dramatically decreased the number of orthodox parishioners. The orthodox clergy complained to tzar and in 1643 the law was issued, it banned the foreigners to live at this street.

After the reforms of Peter the great this ban was forgotten and the street was full of apartments of historical figures, princes and generals.
After the fires of 1812 French-Russian war the street was restored and became the area of merchants apartments.

In the beginning of 20th century the street was partly reconstructed. But most of the buildings keep their appearance till our days.

Google map.

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