Saturday, 28 August 2010

Slice of Life

Today I decided to make post in Steffe's (link to his blog "Photos from Haninge") style, show people I meet.

This is Vladimir. He is the chief of tires repair shop. As you see the shop is very small but well known as located in busy place. The peak of Vladimir's activity is beginning and end of the winter, when the huge lines wait for him to change seasonal tires.

Vladimir lives in other part of our large city, but likes to go to work by bike. It takes him 1 hour to get to the shop (and I can tell you I would drive this route much longer because of the traffic). And once his bike speed was 53 km/hour. Do they put speedometers on the bikes?

I know him for ages and today he helped me again when I "caught a nail" - as Vladimir named it.
He took of the wheel, patched the hole, presented me the nail and put the wheel back in half in hour and 22 US dollars later.

Why Vladimir is out of focus? He suddenly became shy and told me he was too busy for posing. Next time.

Posted by Irina.


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