Friday, 10 September 2010

Inside the Columned Hall

Columned hall of Augustus gathering (other translation  "noble assembly", not sure which one is correct, but I choose the first one)).

The building of Columned hall of Augustus gathering was constructed in 80ties of 18th century by M.Kazakov. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Russian classicism in Moscow architecture.

The balls and receptions on special official occasions were held here in Tzar's Russia.
In Soviet Russia the building belonged to the Moscow Trade Unions  committee.

The hall is decorated with white Corinthian columns which gave the building its modern name and huge crystal chandeliers, hanging between the columns.

It was my first time in the building. September, 8th is the day of solidarity of the journalists. There was charity concert of classical music in the memory of the fallen journalists and my friend invited me. Mahler, Mozart, Beethoven.
Pleasure. And believe me, the acoustics in the hall is amazing.

Playbill spread, photos of dead journalists of 1993-2010 in Russia

Google map.

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