Saturday, 16 October 2010

Moscow Metro

I would like to follow Ashira's post, so today I post the Moscow metro map. If we intend to show you all the stations, you will have to be sticked to our blog for half a year. Which is so good.

Here are few links to my favorite stations (great site about metro history and today, full of photos, but only in Russian (site link).
Ploshad revolutsii (Revolution Square)

And the photo I made few days ago (when seeds-aircraft from previous post hit me in the head) of the subway station "Vorobievy Gory". It is located inside the bridge above Moksva-river.
Irina's (the blog founder) post about the inside of the station is here (link)
And here is the link to my post showing the view of the bridge from above (link).

Google map for Vorobievy Gori metro station.
Wiki about Moscow metro.

Posted by Irina.

Updated following the comment: They are changing the cars to the new ones, so it is not the problem now. The problem popped up during the extreme heat in the summer 2010: the metro is not air-conditioned, and the temperatures down there reached 50-55C (130-140F - if I recalculate right). The ventilation system was organized in 50-70th of 20th century and can hardly survive the growth of the metro users of 21st century(.


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