Friday, 26 November 2010

Folk Dolls

Russian folk dolls I photographed at the hand made festival in September.
These are our ancient "Barbies". Unfortunately I have never seen "Kens"...

More about the dolls is here (link) - sorry, I have only one link, as there is not much info in English(.

One more thing. I have recently received a letter from Russian lady, Yulia. She offers free Russian language courses in her blog and via Skype (link to her blog) . "You can also find a lot of information on Russian literature, history, traditions, etc there. It could be interesting and useful for all Russian learners and people interested in Russian language and culture", Yulia writes in her letter.
As soon as I saw the expression "free lessons", I decided I will help the lady in her

Russia promoting activity. Good luck, Yulia!

Posted by Irina


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