Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mayakovsky Museum

Entrance to Mayakovsky's museum gives the impression of what to wait for inside. The futuristic decorations are the wonderland for the professional photographer.
Here is the link to virtual tour at the museum's website. Follow the spiral  path, the museum is located on 4 floors.
It was open in 1974 in the apartment house where Mayakovsky was living since 1919 till his death in 1930. The exposition started from the collection of the earlier museum in other place. At a moment the total number of exhibits exceeds 50 000 pieces.

I will post more photos later, the museum is worth seeing.

My friend told me a story. Once she was at the exhibition of modern art and read the guest book, where found the following: "I know how the headache feels, but now I know how it looks like".

Wiki about Mayakovsky
Google map.

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