Sunday, 2 January 2011

Inside the Moscow Kremlin

Cathedral Square (p.4 at the map below)

Moscow Kremlin, major fortified central complex of the foundation of the city, started, according to chronicles, in 1156  (link to Kremlin site in Eng), UNESCO world heritage site.
Window of Big Kremlin palace (p.7 at the map below) 
The main entrance, KutAfya Tower (p.12 at the map below)
The little carriages to the left and right of the tower are ticket offices, entrance fee to the site is about 10 Euro, if you want to go inside the churches, about 15 Euro.
I did photo from p.5 of the map below 

It is the building of military school, constructed in 1932-34 on the place of demolished in 1926 two monasteries.
They provide map when you buy the ticket
Last time I was here when I was 10, with my parents. Then the trees were greener and the buildings higher. And the beautiful park inside the Kremlin wall was open to public (not now!).

We have 10 days New Year holidays here (31/12-10/01). Great challenge for figure and mind. And opportunity to make photos of something special.

Wiki about Moscow Kremlin.
Google map.

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