Saturday, 12 February 2011

Russian Jazz for Charity

Today you can see the photo from charity jazz concert aiming to help the Moscow children's oncology center. The treasures of Russian jazz were playing live for 4,5 hours and it was great Saturday evening for me.

The ladies at the photo above were collecting folk songs in Russian villages and arranged them in jazz and neofunk style. Let me introduce "Zventa Sventana".
Here they are.

Posted by Irina.

PS. These weeks I will probably not be able to visit your blogs on everyday basis, work projects will take most of my time. But I will try to do my best and to combine real and virtual activity).

PPS. By the way, I have checked our stats. The most visited post of 3 years life of "Moscow Daily Photo" is "Texture in green". Which gave me two ideas.
One. If you want to increase the number of visitors, do not think too much about the post naming. Short and simple. Fantasy, singularity and inspiration do not work here).
Two. I hoped that the search word will be "Moscow". Or even "Moscow Daily Photo blog". Or "Best photos from Moscow". Silly and vain me)))...


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