Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Theme day: Fountains

It is challenging to find the right fountain in February in Moscow, too much snow everywhere... And I can not ignore the theme day, so here we are.

This fountain is located near the church where Alexander Pushkin (famous Russian poet) married his beautiful wife Natalia. And the figures of the couple dancing can be seen inside this marble "mushroom". The fountain, produced in 1999, is the example of new age of Moscow architecture.

That is how the author, architect Mikhail Belov explains how he tried to express his feeling of Pushkin in this creature:
"I wanted to make something in-between the antique temple and country mushroom, which miraculously grew up from the land, that was how I felt Pushkin".

If you wonder about the water in this fountain, here is the link to summer view and to Belov's quotation  (click).

Google map.
Posted by Irina.

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