Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Anatoly Zverev and March, 8th

Yesterday I went to Anatoly Zverev's exhibition. Famous Russian artist, 1931-1986, so talented and so special. Worked with every possible medium on every possible surface, philosopher, cockerel, alcoholic, jealous man, kindest and sweetest when sober. For our readers in Moscow - his paintings and sketches are exhibited in "Dom Naschokina" gallery (link), for our readers far from Moscow - link to Wiki about the painter and link to his works.

Few words about today holiday, 8th March, Women's Day.
Les Revolutionnaires
These are two nice babushkas, Clara Zetkin and Roza Luxemburg, who decided that we needed revolutionary women's day.

Here (link) my friend explains the details (in Russian, but press the link, you will see lovely photo of Soviet leader Brezhnev).

Wiki explains where it came from and how it goes - here (link).

Dear Anonymous from Madrid, I am glad you read and comment here, but could you please provide your name or maybe link to your profile? Or I'll die from curiosity)).

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