Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Egg House

The egg-house at  Mashkov street was constructed in 2002. It is one family house, has 4 floors, 5 rooms and windows face 4 cardinals, the glass elevator moves from floor to floor.

There are some facts I found here (link) in Russian:
"The first owner bought it in 2002 for 1,2 million dollars and put it on sale in 2007 for 10 million. At a moment nobody bought it and nobody lives there.

The architects started thinking to build egg-house rather long ago, when they were invited to construct house in Vifleem, Israel. But the project was not accepted then, but was realized at Mashkov street in Moscow, as the part of new apartment building.

The exterior walls, decorated with ceramic tiles, are 640mm wide, the height of the rooms is 3,5m. The roof is made of copper.
The house is rather small, total area is 340 sq.m"

Google map.

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