Friday, 24 June 2011

Novosimonovsky Monastery

Old sign is still here: "No smoking at factory grounds!"

Simonov’s friary was founded in Moscow at the end of XIV century. Since its foundation, Simonov’s friary was the defender of the most dangerous southern borders of the city. Which explains high, wide brick walls and high solid watching towers.

In 1923 part of monastery’s buildings became the archeology museum. It lasted till 1929. On January 21, 1930, the eve of the anniversary of the death of Lenin, the monastery was blown up - all churches, most of the walls and towers. And in 3 weeks they started the construction of “Palace of culture” for revolutionary Muscovites and the “ZIL” machine-tool constructing factory at the territory of ex-monastery.

Only 1/8 of the monastery area was kept; 1 of 8 churches; 3 of 5 monastery towers; southern wall.

At a moment the monastery has 16 buildings with total area of 4000 sqm (0,99acres) and occupies 1.5 hectares (3,74acres) area. The restoration works are organized by the volunteers.

The restored church is the unique place in Ortodox world where the service is conducted in language of deaf-mutes.

Info in Russian on "Uzhnoportovy" district's site. I downloaded historical photo from them, too.

Google map.

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