Tuesday, 26 July 2011

From Moscow to St.Petersburg and Back

Isakievsky Cathedral

Last week I went to St.Petersburg. That is why my latest posts here were scheduled and I could not visit your blogs (and sorry about that).
I decided that today I show you the second largest city in Russia and the one so unique and worth your visit. As patriot-Muscovite I can tell that the visited city was too straightforward for me, with its balanced streets, roads, mostly18th century buildings, almost no trees, so opposite in every way to chaotic Moscow.
Petropavlovsky Fortress

But anyway, I have to admit, it is so beautiful and so original and special.
Winter Palace's Gates and Alexander's Column

Let's break the CDPh rules (again) and do some National_Geographic today!

More photos here. As there are more then 15 photos total, I hide them under cut.

Winter palace - The Hermitage
Church of Our Savior on the Spilt Blood

Inside Isakievsky Cathedral

Kunst-camera on Vasilievsky Island

Swan Ditch

The Neva-River

Peterhof Palace
Peterhof Fountains

Mon Plaisir Palace
Peterhof Pond

On my way to Pavlovsky Palace

I have never seen smiling lions, but this one sure did smile. Pavlovsk.
Pavlovsky Palace
Pavlovsky palace's gardens

Pavlovsky Rose Pavilion

Back to StPetersburg

Back Yards

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