Saturday, 30 July 2011

Into the Sun

I like to make "the standing-in front of-the-sun" shots. I know they look the same and not professional. And being the amateur photographer I never know how the shot will turn out, it is always the adventure for me. The problem happens when amateur decides that the photo is worth sharing))).

The first photo shows the contours of business center constructed in the beginning of 21st century. 
The second photo was made in the beginning of last summer and shows the site in normal daylight. In 2010 it was rather grey day and the lady in swimming suit was inviting to go to Egypt for vacations..

I have recently found out that the tower in these photos was nicknamed by anonymous people living around. They call it "Canis'(dog's) .." (well, switch on your imagination and knowledge of sharp English words).
It is amazing how exact and sensible can be the street language. Everything is here: attitude to modern Moscow architecture, humor, satire, bitterness.

Posted by Irina.


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