Saturday, 16 July 2011

Side Streets

Again, very Moscow-ish mix of colors, styles and time periods. The damaged car adds to the image, too)).

Google map.

Following your kindest comments to my previous "Red" post and Masha's (did you see her amazing rose garden?) question about the Red October factory, I decided to add few details.
The founders of the factory, Einem and Heuss , started the production in this group of buildings in 1869.

In 1917 the factory was nationalised and renamed into "Red October" in 1922. In 2007 factory was moved due to Moscow government program to withdraw the center of the city from production enterprises. Now "The United Confectioners" is located in new building at Verkh.Krasnoselskaya and includes "Rot Front", "Babaevsky" and "Red October".

Ex-factory buildings are now sold and new owner's program is to transfer the area into cultural center with galleries, restaurants, night clubs.
The link to new "Red October" site (in Rus). I specially was interested in "renovations" page (here). Scary, as usual.

And the news. Recently the government has decided to expand the boundaries of the city in half and to move all government offices into new territories. They are full of ideas. Moscow - to New Vasuki (Ilf's and Petrov's "12 chairs").

My poor old city.

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