Thursday, 18 August 2011

6, Gositalny street

That is how it works in Moscow. You can be at very busy avenue, with aggressive traffic and inattentive speedy people. But then, suddenly, you turn the corner and you get to some calm and empty street, as if you stepped into 19 or even 18th century.

Today's photo is the proof. The "Widows' house" was built in 1902 and belonged to "Brotherhood community" set of buildings in "Lefortovo" district. The community supported the poor or supplied with cheap apartments. About 40 flats were occupied by widows and orphans. The house looks very Russian with its style and colors.

The building was constructed in Mr.McGill's memory, with financial support of his widow, rich  philanthropist Mrs. Jane McGill.

That's what I found at the "Old Moscow" site (in my translation, so I am sorry for the roughness) :
McGill is family name of Scottish entrepreneurs, owners of construction and concrete making companies in Russia. Mrs. McGill organized English kindergarten and library in her house. Family sponsored the construction of Anglican church (1882-1885); the church's priest-house (1894); the house in the above photo (1902-1903); dormitory of English and American governesses at Spiridonovka street (1902-1904).

At a moment, due to the sign board, "Complex center of social service "Lefortovo" is located here, whatever it means.

Google map.

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