Friday, 28 October 2011


A week ago my friend and I talked about the libraries in Moscow. Our latest "library experience" happened long ago, when we were students. So now we were not sure at all if (after all the changes in building policy, economics, education during last 20 years) libraries survived.
Besides, digital book readers became so popular and user-friendly with widest possibilities in books depository.
So I was glad to see today that the Turgenev's library at Bobrov side-street has all the lights on and many people attending.
It was constructed in 1885 and dedicated to writer Ivan Turgenev. It was the first generally accessible, free of charge library in the city. These days anyone with passport can sign up to the library.

Site of Turgenev's Library (in Rus).
And then I found the list of 283(!) libraries in the city. Good.

Do you go to the library? Are there many libraries in your city?

Google map.

Here I used "panorama" feature of my camera. And combined photos in Photoshop. Sorry for beginner's mistakes.

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