Friday, 10 February 2012

Behind the Stage

When it is cold outside you always try to find the shortest way possible to your point of destination.
That was when I detected this small yard and old wooden building with doghouse  as part of little private car repair facility behind the gorgeous church ensemble in Izmailovo.

UPDATE. Friends, mostly all my posts in February are scheduled. I am glad to read your comments, thank you so much!, but I do not pay back the favour and feel sorry about that. The reason of my impolite behavior is:

I try to return control of my time back to me.  Besides, my eyes do not like monitor watching. And my bottom becomes bigger and bigger sitting in front of the screen))...
I read yesterday: "Internet grants to you the whole world, but locks you in the room". And I feel that it is about me and I do not like the idea to become the virtuality's addict.

So please forgive my lack of feed back. I really appreciate so much your attention and warmth, but please feel free to comment or not to comment. Maybe instead make 5 minutes break and stretch your muscles right now!

UPDATE 2: Following my previous photo here the link to the sketch I talked about two days ago. My other blog. Thank you for the interest!


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