Saturday, 26 May 2012

English Yard

We are still in Moscow, do not worry. But the facade of this building resembles the architecture of English countryside, isn't it?

The St.Andrew's Anglican Church was constructed in 1883 and is one of 3 Anglican churches in Russia .
During the October Revolution 1917 the tower was the machine gun post for Bolsheviks.
In 1920 it was confiscated.
During Soviet rule it served as hostel and later to house diplomats from Finland and Estonia.
Since 1964 it was the recording studio for state music recording company "Melodia (Melody)".
Services returned in 1991 and during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1994 the Russian government agreed to return the church to religious use.
Well. But they did not blew it away as many other churches here, you know..

And song. Maybe recorded right here, who knows.

From Wiki.
Google map.

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