Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cucumber House

Most of these summer days I stay in Moscow neighborhood, at my parents "dacha". So there are no skyscrapers, no people, no churches, no autos, no noise, no pollution.  Moreover, there is not much to talk about or to show in the blog. So I prepared for you this Cucumber saga.
Parents were brought up and developed in Soviet era, when private property was almost forbidden. Little piece of land (600sqm actually) and little wooden "Finnish" house (here is example), which people received at work as the bonus to Communism builders for dedicated work, was the long-expected dream came true.
Now the Communism builder could plant and grow fruits and vegetables for himself (selling was prohibited), so the land was divided in patches or greenhouses were built to save tomatoes and cucumbers from unpredictable weather.
Here we arrive to the exact cucumber house we see above. It is in full motion and is the integral part of urban landscape in every household in the neighborhood.

I show you the exterior, interior, produce and result.

And the receipt of salted cucumbers (they go great with vodka in the winter time) from my mother:

Put cucumbers in 1litre glass jar, add cold water, 2 tablespoons of sea salt (no salt with iodine!!, Mother's special note), dill's umbrellas, garlic, currant's and cherry's leaves. Keep jar open 3 days in room temperature.
Then pour out the pickle to the pot and bring it to boil, then pour over the cucumbers and keep them for 5 min. Repeat this "hot pickle wash" twice.
And at the end close the jar tightly with thoroughly boiled tin cup.
Keep in fridge's coolness till winter and enjoy!

Few questions because of my long absence.
What happened to City Daily Photo site, maybe you have some info?
Why Tomas is in Montana?
Aren't this blog new co-workers are gorgeous, do you agree with me?

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