Saturday, 6 October 2012

Moscow Conservatory

On 2nd October I was lucky to get tickets to concert of Nigel Kennedy, British violist. So here is my short report about gorgeous building and talented musician.
The building of conservatory at Nikitskaya street was opened on the 7 (20) April 1901. The building was designed by architect V. Zagorsky. Organ Cavaille-Coll (1899) was regarded as one of the best in the world during the Paris exhibition of 1900.

During the First World War (1915 – 1917) the Great Hall hosted a hospital, and from 1924 to 1933, during the daytimes the Hall was used as a popular movie theatre. At 1940 Conservatory was named after russian composer P. Tchaikovsky. International festivals and competitions take place in the Great Hall, and among them  is the famous Tchaikovsky Competition.

Great Hall  is considered  the most favorite music hall in Moscow due to its acoustics, location and decoration.
Site of the conservatory (in Enlish).
Nigel Kennedy performed Bach in the first part of the concert, his own compositions in the second one and popular melodies in the last part of the show. I wished the first part to last forever.

Nigel Kennedy performing J.S.Bach.

Nigel Kennedy (Wiki).

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