Saturday, 9 February 2013


Lady in blue expresses her admiration over the exhibition just visited to the ladies-ticket collectors at the entrance to Tretiakov's art gallery.

Posted by Irina.


  1. J'avais remarqué, en Russie, ces femmes parfois très agées qui surveillaient les salles, dans les musées. Un façon d'augmenter une petite retraite, sans doute.

  2. Ha, such a fun people shot!
    But for Americans (of a certain age, at least) baBOOSHka will always mean a headscarf tied under the chin.

  3. Dina I was just going to ask if the Babushka was indeed a headscarf, my Baba used to wear her Babushka whenever she'd go out. This word alone brings back some fond memories of my dear grandparents.

    Irina this is a fun and interesting shot, which exhibit did the lady just come from seeing?

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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