Sunday, 6 May 2007

For those who's autumn-sick

I thought you might need a rest from tourist attractions topics so I chose utterly different photo today. Although it looks like chilly autumn day, this picture was taken but two weeks back, when I went to countryside. I believe that area became a bit greener by now but it felt somewhat uncomfortable then.

I also decided to create my own Daily Photo Map by listing DPs of cities where I've been at least once (I don't mean driving through but full stop and walking about). So here it is: St.Paul, US-Thessaloniki, Greece-Tenerife, Spain-Rouen, France-Paris, France-Minneapolis, US-Chicago, US-San Diego, US-Los Angeles, US-St.Louis, US-Las Vegas, US
I admit it's not a long one but, in fact, it misses several entries I'd like to see on DP map, such as dear to my heart Cedar Rapids and Iowa City (as well as other cities in Iowa), Gatlinburg in Tennessee, Zion in Illinois, Kawala in Greece, Kiev in Ukrain, Giverny in France and, of course, many cities and towns in Russia. I hope one day we'll be able to mark all the spots we ever visited.


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