Saturday, 5 May 2007

Moscow Kremlin, Alexandrovsky Garden

(Today I will finish the story of Moscow Kremlin.)
Soviet era brought significant changes into this magnificent architectural complex. Some buldings were destructed, including a few gorgeous ancient temples, and some new were built instead. Golden double eagles on the tops of towers were replaced with enormous ruby stars (you can see one of them in the picture, on the top of the far pike). By the way, those stars represent a genious of engineering. Made of special (ad hoc) ruby glass, they contain superpower lamps, independent power generators and system of roller-bearings. Each star weights about 1 tonne kg, may hinge by wind like weathercock and all the stars actually shine during nighttime. And this is a beautiful view, believe me.

The photo above shows the north wall of Kremlin - the one facing Alexandrovsky Garden. Just to give you idea of sizing: walls are 5 to 19 meters high and 3.5-6.3 meters wide, towers are up to 80 meters high (in the picture: the one with a star on the top is almost the highest).


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