Friday, 4 May 2007

Moscow Kremlin, Red Square

Today I continue to tell you about Kremlin and its history.
First presidal was built in XIIth century, with ordinary vallums and few wooden towers. As time passed, it experienced collapses and reconstuctions more than once; new temples and palaces were created within its walls and some of old buildings are gone forever. Its modern view Moscow Kremlin achieved by the middle of XIXth century when it was restored after horrible fire of 1812 and recieved its last additions before October Revolution.
The photo shows a part of Kremlin wall facing Red Square, although, as you can see, it is not red but rather grey. The thing is that the word for red - krasniy - in Russian also means beautiful. Well, it is not used this way in modern language but fairytails and historical names may contain such archaisms. However, let's return to the picture. A bround construction on the foreground is Lenin's mausoleum. (I'm not sure whether his body is still inside, but when I was 9 or 10 years old I was taken there for excursion, along with all my classmates. Nothing special, I should say, but I'm not dead people's fan anyway.) A yellow house on the background is Senate Building, now the President's residence.


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