Saturday, 16 January 2010

Botanical Garden in the Centre of the City

Today I went to Botanical garden to see the 1st Moscow exhibition of orchids. Small and very welcoming place. Little skating-rink for babies (at the photo) large skating-rink (called "1st in the world glamourous skating-rink", as the ice is coloured in pink :-))), small exhibition of outdoor land-art (see red tree's trunks and red spheres above the pond), and the exhibition of orchids in the Greenhouse, and a lot of greenery covered with snow.
I will post more photos of this place within the next few days.

The Botanical Garden of Moscow State University. It was installed by the order of Peter the First in 18th century with the purpose to grow medicinal herbs.
In the beginning of 19th century the apothecary garden was sold to Moscow State University and became study room botanical garden.
The plan of the Garden and the photo of the reconstructed Greenhouse I uploaded from official site (in Russian).



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