Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Winter Fishing

When I reached this part of Moskva-river my main interest was the view of sunny winter day in the city. Then it happened that all my attention was caught by the fishermen. To tell the truth I know nothing about fishing, I do not understand how one can sit, doesn't move and doesn't talk (!?) for hours and the prize is a little fish proudly delivered back home and fed to the cat. Yes, I am exaggerating but there is a piece of truth in my vision of fishing.
Winter fishing. The fact that the person  can choose the fate to dig a hole in the river ice, sit on this ice in the hard frost and wait for a fish for hours and then return the fish back to the river (Moskva-river's fish is dangerous even for the cats!) for me is a display of courage and inner strength. Maybe they like attention and to be photographed?
And here is the view, which started my today post.


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