Friday, 26 March 2010

The Entry

Can you have a flat with a separate entrance? In Moscow - only if you have your house, or you live in a modern building with the individual project. Houses built in the mid 20th century does not have such a possibility. There is one common entrance for all tenants, and 30 or 130 flats in the building - it does not matter.

But there is always an exception, as you see:-)) It seems that this tenant has his own point of view.

I am very pleased to see your reaction to the photos of my city. Moscow is different, sometimes beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes ugly. So I will try to show a real city, not the magic city from a fairy tale, though I will have to control myself :-))
And more. I just recently learned about Google translator (yes, slow mind I am). Excellent piece. Such a help when I'm in a hurry, busy or too lazy to look for right words. Now my posts will be more precise, I hope. At least until the mind stops because of all the help we get from technology...


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